Asuka Autotronics Inc., founded in the famous Hsinchu Science Park of TAIWAN in 2001, has been focusing on the design, manufacturing, and marketing of state-of-the-arts car TV and in-car infotainment parts for automotive use. Products offered from ASUKA include -- car TV receivers that can support 120Km/hr mobile reception for terrestrial and satellite broadcasting services, -- OE-grade driving recorders with WiFi/4G Internet access, -- high-performance integrated TV/Radio antennas, and -- cost-efficient 24GHz radar detectors for various ADAS applications. ASUKA has been commonly recognized as a “global industry icon” of car TV and driving recorders for OE applications. In many ASEAN countries, it tops the market share in high-end AM segment as well as in OE before market. ASUKA products & services have strong competitive advantages in its enriched functions, robust quality, outstanding performance, and stylish & user-friendly human-machine interface. The customers served include major auto makers and numerous tier-1 brands in-car head unit makers in the world. The products and services delivered from ASUKA has become an integral part of today’s car industry for higher added value and more attractive to end-users.

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