RMA Service

The Asuka warranty, RMA policy and other related issues we provide to our customers are summarized as follows.
- Warranties, Out of Warranty Service
1. Warranty: The warranty period governing the Products, Kits and Spare Parts delivered by Supplier will be 12 months counting from the delivery date. The Products, Kits and Spare Parts will be free from defects in design, materials and/or workmanship under normal use within the warranty period.

2. Out of Warranty Service: After the expiration of the Warranty Period, Supplier will offer post-warranty repairs, at Buyer’s request, on one month and materials basis.

- RMA Policy (within warranty period)
1. Procedure:
The Buyer shall send the RMA goods to the supplier at the Buyer’s cost.

2. The supplier will issue a report in less than 7 days, stating the Real-defective units and None-trouble-found units. If this report comes later than 10 days, it is assumed that 100% of the units are defective.

3. After the report :
1.For None-trouble-found units, supplier (Asuka) will refurbish the none-trouble-found units ( buyer pays refurbish cost) and send them back to Buyer at Buyer’s cost.
2.For Real-defective units, supplier (Asuka) will repair and refurbish the defective units and send them back to Buyer within 20 working days at supplier’s cost. The repairing service and workmanship is free, but buyer needs to pay for some out-of-warranty components/accessories, e.g. broken LCD panel, rechargeable battery, broken antenna, broken housing, missing accessories, etc.