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BK-200W BK-200W雙鏡頭Full-HD行車記錄器 當被後車撞擊,我們該如何處理,才能確保自己的權益?

1. 是否有證據可以舉證是後車不當行駛?
2. 車上是否有行車紀錄器可以錄製後方影像?
3. 影像是否是連續錄製?畫質是否清晰?

更加的方便! 透過智慧型手機直接操作和監控。
更加的安全! 前、後鏡頭完整行車監控。
更加的強勁! 符合OE規格標準 (ISO-7637/ISO-16750-2~4).
更多的訊息! 提供內建GPS路線導航追蹤能力。
- OE-grade full-HD driving recorder with low profile
         ● Wide operating temperature from -20~80℃
          Ultra low EMI: pass automotive standard CISPR25
          Pass automotive EMS standard: ISO-7637(Load Dump), ISO-10605(ESD)
- Internet access thru mobile device via WiFi 
- Built-in WiFi for mobile device connection
- Can extend recording stream from 1 to 2 channels
- Provide route tracking capability with built-in GPS
HDR CMOS Sensor 4-megapixel sensor with best-in-class low-light sensitivity and high dynamic range
Wide View Angle    122°(H), 63°(V) ,160°(D)
Video compression   H.264
Max. resolution@ Rate Dual-ch. 1920x1080p@30fps
Number of channel supported  2
Recording time/GB   10min /GB with full-HD@30fps
* storage: micro-SD card above class 10
Recording mode supported -Automatic and loop recording
-Emergency recording:
  built-in 3-axies G-sensor for crash detection and data 
lock during emergency
 -Parking mode recording
I/O interface Power/AV port, External 2nd CAM port, 4 control keys, LED indicators,
micro-SD  card slot, built-in microphone, built-in buzzer
Power/Power Consumption DC +12V / 3.6W
Wide aperture Lens   F/1.8, 6-Glass